Sunday, February 29, 2004

San Rafael Arcangel Mission

Last sunday after eating lunch at a really good Chinese Restaurant called Yet Wah, I decided to go check out the San Rafael Arcangel Mission. I have lived here since August and have driven by it many times but never stopped to see it. The Mission was build in 1817. It was neglected for many years after its use and started disintegrating. Fortunately, years later, and elderly man made sketches of what he could remember of San Rafael Arcangel Mission. The man was General Mariano Vallejo. General Vallejo drew the mission at the request of his friend Edward Visher. The two men, each 70 years old, worked over the details which resulted in the sketch that the mission was rebuild. It was rebuilt in 1949.
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San Rafael Arcangel Mission
San Rafael Mission Tour

Posted by Eric at February 29, 2004 5:46 AM