Thursday, March 18, 2004

Road Trip

This week's "Weekend Adventure" began with the over 7 hour drive to LA. My friend Jules was planning on going down there for business stuff as well a her Spring Equinox party and asked if I wanted to go down with her to keep her company. Since most of my family lives down there and it will give me a change to visit them I said sure. It was a fun trip down. We played music, some of my CD's and some of her's. We both love to talk so there was never a time were neither of us were talking except during a sing along. It was so smoggy that we could not see the mountains of the Grapevine until we were almost in top of them. Getting into LA sucked. We hit "parking lot" on the 405. Since Jules lived in that area and she knows the back roads we exited Santa Monica Blvd and took side streets. We finally got to my Dad's apt and she went on to were he was staying. I was tired and I imagine Jules was even more tired.

Posted by Eric at March 18, 2004 11:02 PM