Sunday, April 18, 2004

Off to Mayville

This weekend adventure took me to this really tiny town of Mayville, North Dakota. Well, the only way to get to Mayville is to fly into Fargo. So I flew from San Francisco to Denver then to Denver to Fargo. While flying on the Boeing 777 into Denver 20 minutes before landing, we experienced major turbulence. Now I never have problems physically while flying. I always sleep on airplanes (makes the long flight go faster). This time, major turbulence with very little food in tummy, and the plane being unusually warm, I did not feel good and just wanted the plane to land. Landed in Denver and just had enough time to get a blueberry muffin before having to get on the plane to Fargo. Had to eat it on the plane. The flight to Fargo is in a much smaller plane than the Boeing 777. We also hit major turbulence but with something in my tummy I was ok. Landed in a small airport the size of Long Beach Airport and then drove up to Mayville. The speed limit is 75. That was so cool. Checked into the hotel and crashed.

Posted by Eric at April 18, 2004 10:28 PM