Monday, April 19, 2004

The University

Oh, Mayville has only 8 restaurants and only about 2,000 people live there. It is a tiny town which their motto is "The way America is supposed to be."

The City of Mayville

Had the 1st of the 2 day interview. I think it went well. Met with the President of the university, VP of Academic Affairs and someone in the Business Office. The University only has about 800 students but the school is really high tech.

Mayville State University

While going to school or working there, every student and faculty is given the latest laptop to use. The students and people there are really nice. Not just nice but really polite. The main red brick building was build in 1889. It looks really cool.

I was taken on a tour of the school and a tour around town. There is only one street light in the whole town and it is on main street. Then to the dinner-interview with the search committee members. We had a great conversation and I think it went well.

Posted by Eric at April 19, 2004 8:14 PM