Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Learning A Little Bit About Myself

I originally went out to take a picture of Happy Lane. Yup. In the City of San Rafael, Sun Valley Elementary School is on Happy Lane. I cracked up when I heard about it.

I then continued on 5th street, which crosses Happy Lane, and the street dead ended at Mt. Tam Cemetery. So I drove in. I drove around and up a hill. Got out and looked around at the graves and the Crayon Hills over looking the cemetery. I had gone out for a drive to mull over my problems and somehow ended up here. I realized that whatever I am going through, it can't be that bad. I know a Babylon 5 reference. To quote B5 again, "I am alive. Everything else is negotiable."

I drove out of the cemetery turned right and ran into Sir Francis Drake Blvd. I know this street goes all the way to the coast so I turned right on to it passing the town of San Anselmo, Ross and Fairfax and then noticed a place called

I was curious and decided to go in. A really nice area.

There were a few people painting the incredible scenery. I found a trail.

Started walking up this trail to see where is ends up. About a 1/2 hour later I stopped to take a break. I had been walking up hill this whole time with the wrong kind of shoes. I was getting hungry and thought I should go back, but there was this part of me that really wanted to see where this trail went even though it might be awhile before I found the end of the trail and it probably would get dark before I got back . In those moments I rediscovered something about myself. When there is something I want to do or see the end result of, I want to keep going even though it might be a bad idea. Having this drive is good when I have a project to do but not good when I do something that might get me in trouble regardless of my good intentions. I have to know when is a good time to have this drive and when it is not.

Just when I started to head down I happened to look up and I could see San Francisco in the distance. I was too busy looking at my feet walking up the trail to notice it before. (Ya I know symbolism and metaphor.)

A progressive close up on the city.

So down and home I went. I was surprisingly calm all the way home even with a lot of cars on the road. What an enlightening day.

Posted by Eric at April 27, 2004 11:15 PM