Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Rouge River Gorge

We got up and had breakfast in the cafe at the hotel. Today was the 1st day it opened which was great timing. We both had a pancake and eggs (mine scrambled and DD's over easy). Now I wrote "A" pancake. That "a" pancake was huge, about the size of a medium pizza. It was very good. Then drove up to take one last look at Crater Lake since we were only 7 miles from it. Then headed down highway 62. On the way we passed the Rouge River Gorge which was created by lava flow from Mount Manzama, which also created Crater Lake. What an amazing sight.

We also saw along the Rouge River the natural bridge in which the river goes underground for 35 seconds.

We got on the I-5 and up to Grants Pass and took a look around. It looks like a nice town. I actually would not mind living there. Here is something interesting about the city. They had statues of bears all over the city. They were in different poses like eating ice cream, holding a broom and eating a hot dog. We then headed south on I-5 and said goodbye to Oregon. We stopped and eat at Grandma's House. Not actually my grandma's house but a restaurant in Yreka with really good food. We continued heading south on the I-5 and passed Mount Shasta. What a great mountain. Almost like it is keeping watch over the town below.

We are now in Redding for the night. Took a dip in the spa and now it is time for bed. Goodnite.

Posted by Eric at June 29, 2004 11:08 PM