Friday, August 6, 2004

The Crescent City Lighthouse

We went to the Crescent City Lighthouse on Battery Point.


We could not go to the lighthouse yesterday because the trail that leads to the lighthouse was covered by water during high tide.

What a great lighthouse. We took the tour and had the opportunity to walk around the lighthouse and even got to go up to the lantern room on top of the lighthouse and stand next to the Fresnel Lens. What a view.

We then went up to Point St. George

to see the Point St. George Reef Lighthouse in the distance.


We then started our way back home down the 101. Took a look at Crescent City at a view point

and stopped at Trees of Mystery to buy a miniature of the Point St. George Reef Lighthouse. We also looked at the Native American Museum that we did not see the 1st time when we were there on Thursday.

We continued on down the 101 and saw 3 Roosevelt Elks in the Redwood National Park.

We took a detour though the Avenue of the Giants. An amazing road that goes right through the forest.

We finally made it home. That was a long drive.

Posted by Eric at August 6, 2004 11:58 PM