Friday, October 29, 2004

An Evening of Choral Music

This evening I went to a choral music concert with Ron, my choral accompanist and friend. The concert included 3 choirs which were the University of Houston Concert Choral, San Jacinto College North Chorale and the Sons of Orpheus (a men's chorus). Good sounding choirs and a nice variety of music. There were also 5 members of the University of Houston Concert Choral who sang madrigals while each choir would walk on and off the stage. It was a nice touch. The University of Houston Concert Choral sang a piece by Veljo Tormis called Raua needmine (Curse Upon Iron). It was a really cool piece with the altos echoing the soloist while the basses sounded like a didgeridoo and the sopranos sustaining a single note. That was just a section of the piece. The piece was about the gift of iron during the early days to it being now being used create destructive weapons and the belief that it may destroy us. The text is Estonian. It was great to hear the language sung to music. The piece has inspired me to really start composing again.

Posted by Eric at October 29, 2004 11:28 PM