Saturday, December 18, 2004

Hang Out, Unwind, Drop in Energy

Musicians and performers know when you just finished a major performance and you are high in energy, when the performance has ended you begin to feel down and depressed. To resist that feeling, performers will go to Denny's or some other 24 hour restaurant to hang out, unwind and drop in energy together in the company of friends.

After an intense but exciting semester, I also needed to hang out, unwind and drop in energy in the company of friends. So I hung out with Ron and George. We hung out at Ron's house and I improvised a little on his pipe organ. It really is a great sounding organ for only having under 200 pipes. For dinner we walked to The Original Mexican Restaurant. That was real Mexican food. During our walk back, I was in the mood for some desert (ya I know, when am I not). We walked to the Mosquito Cafe and saw the Lemonade Lemon Cake. It looked so good I had to have a piece. We walked back to Ron's and I ate that cake. It was so good. I left before midnight because both Ron and I had to work tomorrow.

Posted by Eric at December 18, 2004 11:50 PM