Sunday, March 6, 2005

To San Antonio

Ron and I went to Pancake House for lunch and then headed for San Antonio for a few days. It was a nice drive. Still flat as a pancake. I am use to driving in California. When you take long drive somewhere you will either see hills and mountains or go over them. But here, flat as a pancake. We did hit some traffic going into Houston and going out of Houston so the 3 hour drive San Antonio to over 4 hours. We checked into the hotel and I got some free popcorn in the lobby. (I love popcorn and I just can not pass it up). They also had free drinks so I got a screwdriver and Ron got a scotch and water. The hotel is right on the riverwalk so we sat by a window with the river as a view. We then went to a nice restaurant called Silo. I had salmon and it was very good. We came back and walked on the riverwalk. The river is below the city and there are restaurants and pubs along the river. It is a nice looking place.

Posted by Eric at March 6, 2005 11:06 PM