Saturday, April 2, 2005

Off to the Symphony

My day began with conducting the Galveston Island Childrens' Chorus in the Grand Opera House here in Galveston.

I co-conducted the choir during the Grand Kids festival.

It was the 1st time I conducted a group on the stage of the Opera House. That part was cool.

This evening George and I went to the symphony. We headed up to Houston and had dinner at Hooters (Ya I know. The food was good also). We then went to hear the Houston Symphony conducted by guest conductor Carlos Kalmar. On the concert was:
Janacek - The Cunning Little Vixen Suite
Grieg - Piano Concerto
Haydn - Symphony No. 47
R. Strauss - Der Rosenkavalier Suite

The Janacek was good. I am not big on suites since there is no transition between sections, it is just this, that and the other kind of piece. The sections in the beginning was the best part of it.

The Grieg was played by pianist Adam Neiman. Everyone knows that I am not big on concertos but this performance of it surprised me. It is not a very difficult concerto so notewise he played it well. He also had a real feel for the piece which was subtle, not too emotional. During the cadenza during the 1st movement I was fixated on his sound and did not realize that he grabbed me until the orchestra came back in. George also really enjoyed the concerto.

The Haydn after intermission was good but it was overshadowed by the Grieg.

The Strauss was big and large sounding. It still is a suite but is had some great moments.

I really like going to the symphony and hearing music played really well by great musicans. It was also nice having someone else with me that also enjoys good music.

Here are some pictures of the theater in Houston.


Posted by Eric at April 2, 2005 11:58 PM