Friday, December 28, 2007

Flying from the Home of My Past to the Home of My Present

I had lunch at Souplantation with Nana, Bonnie, DD, AD, JK and Mom.

Then to the airport.

On the way to Phoenix, I had a woman seated next to me that did not like to fly. She said she is in Navy so of course she does not like to fly. (Insert Village People Song here). To get her mind off of flying I 1st showed her some magic card tricks which she really liked. We then played war a couple of times. I won very quickly the 1st time. Then played crazy 8s.

In Phoenix, my flight was delayed because (wait for it) of a broken toilet. What? When we finally got on the plane I noticed that there were 2 bathrooms in the back of the plane. They could have closed off one of them and we could have used the other. Then I thought, I bet it was the toilet in the front of the plane reserved for first class passengers so they would not have to go though the evil and disgusting coach class passengers. I never found out. Probably good that I did not because I probably would have been pissed if that was the real reason.

So while I was waiting to get on the place and I ended up talking about music to the ticket girl. We were talking about the composers we liked like Arvo Part. She then gave me a list of composers I had not heard of and should listen to and I wrote down a list for her.

Then I finally made it to Jennifer's a little after midnight. What a day.

Posted by Eric at December 28, 2007 10:04 PM