Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fireworks Day

JK went to see her parents, so AD and I took Mom and DD out to lunch at Marie Calendars. AD then went with Mom to Nana and Bonnie's to show them some of his stuff. DD and I went on a quest for ice cream. It started with DD wanting ice cream from Tasty Freeze but they were closed. We then drove around Signal Hill to check out the view. Then towards the ocean and turned back when we realized it will be packed with people wanting to see the fireworks from the Queen Mary.

We then decided on a milk shake from Carl's Jr. I do not have them in the Texas. They are now made with real scooped ice cream with whipped cream on top. It was really good. We drank them while sitting at a park on Stearns. It was the park AD, DD and I would go to a lot when we were little.

DD and I then went to get Jennifer at the LA Airport and then back to DD's. AD, JK and Mom were there and had already got pizzas, chips, soda and an chocolate cream pie. We talked for awhile then saw the movie, The Game.


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Posted by Eric at July 4, 2008 10:36 PM