Monday, December 15, 2008

From Fall to Winter

The title of this year's Winter Concert with the Galveston College Choir was "From Fall to Winter."

It was a great concert with a variety of pieces and soloists.

The concert began with voice students of my part timer Larry Patton. I like having a variety of performances so I asked Larry Patton who teaches voice at the college if he has students who would like to perform. He got 4 women to each sing a solo. Destiny, a recent Ball High graduate and a member of my choir, sang "Sweet Little Jesus Boy. Sarah sang "Mary, Did You Know?" Donna, also a member of my choir, sang "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." My students has commented on how nice and smooth her voice was and how comfortable she sang. Pat, a member of my choir as well as the Houston Symphony Chorus, sang "The Christmas Song" with a comfortable and very musical performance one would expect from a professional.

Next was a piano solo from your own accompanist Ron Wyatt.
I spoke to the audience this: Just because someone is a great pianist does not make them a great accompanist. Being an accompanist is a skill and Ron Wyatt has that skill. But since he is always accompanying the choir, he does not really have the “center stage.” So this evening he will.

D' Aquin was known for his extreme virtuosity and improvisatory skills. Though he composed very little, his noel variations represent a highpoint in French organ composition in the 18th century. Here to play it on the piano is Ron Wyatt.

Ron is an amazing organist and pianist and he played that piece very well.

Next was the Galveston College Choir.

* Alma Redemptoris Mater - Giovanni Palestrina
     (Giovanni Palestrina lived between 1525 and 1594 during the Renaissance Period. He was immensely famous in his day.
     He had the ability to compose counterpoint with such clarity that the text could still be easily heard
     through the many lines of polyphony.)

* Miserere Mei - Antonio Lotti
     (Antonio Lotti lived between 1667 and 1740 during the Baroque Period.
     The text is from psalm 51.)

* The Winds of Autumn - David Lantz III
     (We continue with a piece about the winds of autumn.
     We will also be not just be accompanied by the piano but will also be accompanied by a flute.)

* Autumn Leaves - Joseph Kosma
     (Joseph Kosma, born 1905 to 1969, was a Hungarian-French composer. His work in the film industry encompassed
     the scores to over 100 pictures. Autumn Leaves has achieved lasting popularity both in its original language,
     in French, and in English translation.)

* Christmas Goes Classical - arr. David Maddux
     (The next piece takes popular pieces from classical music adds … holiday text to it.
     So be prepared to hear something have heard before. … Enjoy.)

Then an audience sing along with Christmas carols.

* Y'susum Midbar - D.Zahavi
     Y’susum Midbar is a piece in Hebrew.
     The translation is:
     The Arid desert shall be glad.
     The wilderness shall rejoice
      and blossom like a rose.
     For waters shall burst forth in the desert,
     streams in the wilderness.

* Peaceful was the Night - Eugene Butler

* 'Twas the Night Before Christmas - Ken Darby
     (We end with musical setting of a famous poem by the American poet Clement Clarke Moore

There were over 90 people at the concert. It was a great concert. I have been told that this is the best the choir has sounded.

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