Thursday, February 19, 2009

DD Hangs Out at the College

DD came to work with me. He sat in my Music Appreciation class. He also sat in my History of Rock class. The topic today Rock class was folk rock. DD made many comments during class about the music and the artists being that he lived during that time period. It was fun having him in my class. My students also enjoyed having him and would contribute in the class discussion. It is an active and talkative class which makes it fun.

Then to lunch at Salsas with George. Got back and a group of students wanted to play the steel drums and play on the drum set. So I got the mallets and sticks. I was teaching Robert how to play the drums. I got on the drum set and played him some patterns while he played the piano. They were surprised I played them so well. Robert said I have been holding back on him not telling him I can play. Then I had him sit at the set and taught him the basic rock pattern. He caught on pretty quick so I improved on the piano. It was so much fun.

Then back to my office when my part timer Cindy came in and visited with DD, George and I until her lesson. After Stephen had finished teaching his class he came into my office and talked DD, George and I until 11p. Then DD and I came back to my place. DD said he really have fun today. Cool.

Posted by Eric at February 19, 2009 11:38 PM