Sunday, February 22, 2009

It is My Web Log's Birthday

I started this web log 5 years ago as a way to force myself to see something new when I lived in Marin County.
1st Years Web Log's Birthday Entry

By the 2nd years web log birthday, I moved to another state, became a professor at a college teaching music and made some new friends.
2nd Years Web Log's Birthday Entry

By the 3rd years web log I met Jennifer. A sweet, caring, cool, intelligent, calming and very pretty girlfriend who really compliments my personality and makes dating easy and so much fun.
3rd Years Web Log's Birthday Entry

By the 4th years weblog, I began composing compositions again. I had written a string orchestra piece, reorchestrating my older compositions and composing new pieces for the steel band.
4th Years Web Log's Birthday Entry

By the 5th years web log, I had build the music program the largest that is as probably ever been and it was the largest the steel drum had ever been.
Last Years Web Log's Birthday Entry

This year I am still with my very pretty perfect girl, still a college professor, music department chair and choir director. This year I have probably the best choir I have ever had since I have been here. I have a piece being performed by a professional music ensemble at a new music festival. It was also the 1st time I have ever experienced a hurricane and the after effects of a city after it hit. It has been a reawakening of what is really important and what really is not anymore. Off to compose and express what I truly believe in.


Posted by Eric at February 22, 2009 11:35 PM