Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weclome to New Orleans

Ron came by at 10a and started our way to New Orleans. The trip began with a drive down the seawall to the ferry to the Bolivar Peninsula. Then got on the 10 freeway to Beaumont to eat somewhere Ron wanted to go but when we got there, it was closed until the 6th. We think it was closed because of the massive construction on the street. So we continued on to a truck stop and ate at Subway. O well. I also got a root beer float at Wendy's right next to Subway.

We crossed the Louisiana boarder at 3:30p. Later than expected because of the road construction along the way.

Got to the Hotel Provincial. A nice place in the French Quarter. We relaxed for a bit and then went to dinner at August. The food was incredible. We had a free appetizer/1st course dish. It was a whipped egg and it was served in the egg shell. An interesting sight. For my entree I had the Lemon Fish and for dessert was a rum cake with white chocolate around the cake.

Then back to the hotel to sleep.

Posted by Eric at June 30, 2009 6:34 PM
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