Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Food, Speakers and Webcam

This trip has worked out well.  I have been able to see all my friends here that wanted to see me. So today DD's place was a meeting place for another friend of mine Andrew and his new girlfriend Trina.  Mom also came by.  So we have AD, JK, DD, Mom, Andrew, Trina and I going to Claim Jumpers for lunch.  Good food and great conversation.

DD and I went to get some batteries for his new wireless speakers.  DD has been wanting to get a pair of webcams.  I wanted to make sure they were good, had what we needed and cheap.  We found one at Target yesterday but not two.  So today was found 2 webcams with build in mic for $20.  Pretty cool.  Then back to DD's to try out the speakers.  They worked really well for $10.  I set up the webcam and called my girlfriend Jennifer to try them out.  They work pretty well.  It was strange talking to her and seeing her on the computer screen.  My family talked to her a bit before going and watching a movie and having dessert of pumkin or apple pie or booze cake.  Yummy.
Posted by Eric at December 29, 2009 10:38 PM
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