Friday, January 29, 2010

More Traveling Crap

I got picked up by the music coordinator and search committee chair from the hotel.  My st interview was with the Dean of Academics at 1:30p.  Great Interview.  She asked good questions and I answered really well.  I then toured the college and music department myself until 3:30p for my 2nd interview with the search committee.  I did really well with my presentation (act as the committee is a beginning voice class) and the questions.

Was then taken to the airport my another professor of the college around 5p so I can go home and see my girlfriend.  Nope.  There was a major snow storm in Charlotte, North Carolina and all flights to there are canceled on all airlines.  There were no other flights to Houston on any other airline. 

Airlines suck.  What happened to the red eye flights?  Oh, since airline prices fluctuate up and down like a yo yo, no one wants to fly anymore so there are less flights.  I like traveling.  I hate flying.  It is not fun anymore.

So thanks to my wonederful girlfriend and her internet searching ability, she found a good hotel, the Days Inn, near the airport for $69.   A shuttle got me a the airport, dropped my crap off, and the hotel shuttle took me to the Skyline Restaurant.  I wanted real food.  Pretty good chicken parmesan.  Now for some sleep.
Posted by Eric at January 29, 2010 10:38 PM
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