Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Always Crappy Adventures of Flying

So another plane flight.  The long drive up to the airport was surprisingly easy.  No traffic jams, stops or parking lots.  So I am thinking this might be a good sign.  Nope.  I am flying Frontier.  Never have before and it can not be any worse that crappy US Airways.  Not that this is Frontier's fault, but apparently (I was told) that there was a tornado in Denver where my connecting flight was.  So my flight was delayed from 7p to 8:30p.  So now I will need food because of the delay so what is open?  I am not in the nice terminal C with good places to eat.  I am in terminal A where a Chili's is closed (at 7p? How stupid is that.) and a Mexican grill which was not even open when I arrived in the terminal.  Everything was closed except stupid McD's.  What a crappy terminal and airport.  So I had a fillet o fish and chicken nuggets.  Oh they were out of milkshakes also.

So the plane arrives late as expected.  They gave us free TV because of the delay.  That was nice (which usually costs $6 by sliding your credit card).  We arrive around Denver and we can not land.  We are told that there are lightning and wind sheers.  So the airport is only letting planes land about every 8 minutes.  So we were circling for 45 minutes.  Denver?  With all this weather?  Who would have thought?

Land in Denver and get of the plane and I hear over the loud speaker hat the Spokane flight is on its final boarding call at gate 36a.  So in a typical movie moment, I ran to the gate.  It left within minutes after I got on.  Someone was helping me today.  Came to Spokane at about 12:30a instead of 10:30p like I was suppose to.  Now tired.  Nite.
Posted by Eric at May 26, 2010 10:38 PM
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