Thursday, September 30, 2004

The Quest for Free Food

Since I began this gig at the college I have encountered places where free food has been available. The 1st free food experience was my 1st contracted day, a week from the 1st day of classes (Wow. That is a lot of 1sts). It was a day long in-service. We had breakfast, lunch and dessert (brownies and cookies).

Next was during the 1st week of classes (there is that 1st again) for a Citibank promotion. There was free sandwiches, chips and drinks.

Next free food encounter was when the dispatcher of the college came back. George (a fellow professor, also in search of free food, who I met while getting seconds during lunch at the in-service) and I went down to find sandwiches and cream pies.

Next was a large cake (half chocolate and half white cake) for someone in the technology department who is leaving the college for a new job.

Next was someone's B-day so there was quiche on the 3rd floor faculty offices wing.

Next was finding leftovers from the accreditation team's lunch. I had a big bowl of salad and 2 big brownies.

Next was the foundation meeting with sandwiches, cookies and drinks.

Today was a business lunch meeting with the local high school band director and the guy in charge of the foundation for the college.

Pretty cool huh.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004


I have missed a few weeks of headlines because of my exciting move so here are the headlines.

1. Headlines

2. Headlines

One of my favorites:

And last weeks:

One of my favorites:

Now we are all caught up.

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Saturday, September 11, 2004

A Trip to the Past

I had planned on documenting the events of each day from the move from Greenbrae to Galveston. At first, it was not a difficult task and I could spare a few minutes to write the events down. With school starting and my stuff coming 2 days later, I seemed to have very little time to write between planning for my classes and unpacking nice brown boxes.

DD left on Labor Day (Monday) so Mom and I went off to unpack and fix up my bedroom. We finished the bedroom and my bathroom on Monday. During the rest of the week Mom would unpack books and stuff and I would go teach then come back and help her. By Saturday were almost done.

Saturday we went to the Ashton Villa.

Link to the History of Ashton Villa

Another link with some interior views

An amazing house. While on the tour we could actually go into the rooms not just look at them behind a rope. It enabled me to imagine living in that house during that time period.

We then went to the The Strand National Historic Landmark District which is downtown Galveston. Still looks like it did at the turn of the century.

We ate at Yaga's Cafe. Really good food. We then went to an Ice Cream place and I got birthday cake ice cream. It was so good. Yummy.

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Sunday, September 5, 2004

The Houston Space Center

Today was the trip to the Houston Space Center. We went on the tour and saw Hangar X (which was originally going to be the escape ship form the International Space Station), the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility (where the astronauts train for up coming missions) and the Historic Mission Control Center (where all of the Apollo mission were controlled from). It was amazing to see the control center. After watching movies and documentaries of the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions, to be in the same room where all that happened was almost a religious experience.


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Saturday, September 4, 2004


DD and I went to pick up Mom from the Hobby Airport. We then went to the Moody Gardens Rainforest Pyramid. It was really cool. Actually it is really humid. In the pyramid is an actual rainforest with 2,000 different species. The rainforest within the pyramid is split into 3 sections. The rainforests are Africa, Asia and South America. There are so many animal species that every time you go into the pyramid it will be different every time. Just to continue the rainforest theme, we ate at the rainforest Cafe complete with large fish tanks and mechanical gorillas, elephants and an occasional thunder and lighting storm.


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Friday, September 3, 2004

The 1st Week as a College Professor

Ok. Let's try to sum up all the fun and chaos I have gone through this past week. Well, On Sunday, DD and I want to the aquarium at the Moody Gardens here on the island. Moody Gardens consists of 3 pyramids; the aquarium, the rainforest, the discovery museum, a paddlewheel boat (like on the Mississippi River) and IMAX theater. It was fun seeing the fishies. There were also penguins there which are also cute.



Monday was supposed to be my Monday/Wednesday Music Appreciation class but not enough people signed up for it so it ended up being cancelled. At 6p that evening I was honored with a reception. It was a way to announced to the community that Galveston College finally has a full time music professor. This was followed with the 1st community choir rehearsal of the year. It is a good group and it will fun rehearsing and conducting them during the year.

Tuesday was my Tuesday/Thursday Music Appreciation class at 9:30a. I have 19 students in this class. That is a big for a music class for a college this size. This was followed by the History of Rock class at 11a. This class has about 12 students. I really enjoy teaching and talking about music in a college setting. It is still amazing to me that I blab away about music and people are taking notes on what I say. It is almost surreal.

Wednesday I have the hard drive of the computer in my office taken for a day. It has Microsuck 2000 instead of XP. Since the school is networked with XP they needed install it on my computer.

Thursday I have my Music Appreciation class and History of Rock class, same time as on Tuesday. I also have a Music Application class from 6-9p every Thursday once a week.

During the week between teaching classes, DD went around the island and explored. He went to the Train Museum and walked around the History Downtown. Also during this week when I was not teaching classes we moved around the heavy boxes and furniture around or upstairs. By Friday we had finished with the heavy stuff.

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