Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Instant Hurricane Vacation


Ya that picture pretty much says it all.

On Tuesday I saw Rob covering TV's with plastic and I asked what he was doing and told me about the Hurricane. So I looked on the internet and saw it and its projection to Texas. Now you are are probably asking how come I did not see it sooner. I am from SoCal. I am not used to looking for swirly things in the ocean. So I went to my music area and covered up my stuff in my office and all the pianos. I then went home, moved things away from the windows and covered them up. I then started my way up to stay at my friend Alison's house by 9p.

As it looked on Tuesday. Click image to enlarge it.

Woke up on Wednesday and her friend Tim, also from Galveston, had shown up while I was asleep. Alison had to teach so I hung around the house.

As it looked on Wednesday. Click image to enlarge it.
It was predicted to be a Catagory 5 headed straight at Galveston.

Wednesday story on CNN.

On Thursday since everything was closed all we did was eat, read, talk, watch DVD's and sleep.
Rita changed its path and was downgraded to a Category 4 storm. That was still 150mph winds.

As it looked on Thursday. Click image to enlarge it.
Thursday story on CNN.


Hurricane Rita was downgraded to a Category 3 storm, after winds slowed to about 125 mph. But it was still heading for Galveston.

Click image to enlarge it.

It hit land late at night. I just wanted to sleep right though it which I did. It luckily turned at the last minute as the expression goes. So we were on the good side of it.

As it looked on Friday. Click image to enlarge it.
Friday story on CNN.

Saturday there was finally a restaurant open and we actually ate and got out of the house. I bought Alison dinner to thank her for letting me stay during all this.
As it looked on Saturday. Click image to enlarge it.

Sunday we ate at the Cheese Cake Factory. Jennifer was back in town by Sunday night (she was in Germany for 2 weeks) and so I went to stay with her. Electricity was slowly coming back on by Monday but there was still part of the island that did not have electricity. So I came back Wednesday afternoon and went though my apartment, looked for damage and uncovered my stuff. Nothing major. Some water had seeped through the window in my studio and I could not open my balcony doors upstairs. But that is it considering how bad it might have gotten.

That makes 2 things this year that I dodged the bullet. This hurricane and my car accident. I feel pretty lucky.

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

I have Company

The afternoon started with dinner at Salsas with George and then Melanie called and came and joined up. Ron called and invited him. Then Mark came by. We decided to rent a video and went to my place to watch it on my surround sound system. It was good to have my friends hanging out and watching a video. I finally got use out of my new couch.

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