Saturday, May 31, 2008

Live from Barcelona

Landed in Barcelona 8 hours later. Took the train to Sant Station. Then took the metro green line (L3) to Poble Sec. Got off and walked to my hotel, Hotel Evenia. Checked in and hung out in the room for about 10 minutes when Jennifer came in. It was nice to me my pretty girlfriend. She was already in Spain for a week long science conference. Still tired we walked down to the beach. I put my hand in the water. This makes it the 4th body of water I have put my hand in. They are the Pacific, Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and now the Mediterranean Sea. I saw the lighthouse in which a clock was added. Went to a hole in the wall sandwich place and each got a sandwich custom made. It was really good. We then walked to the Gothic Quarter and a large church the Santa Maria Del Mar with very tall ceilings. It was amazing.

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Friday, May 30, 2008

Going to Barcelona

During the flight to Philadelphia, the woman on the flight sitting next to me, Jamie, was from Nova Scotia and now lives in Philadelphia. We talked about Nova Scotia, Germany (were the company she works for is based), Iceland is green and Greenland is ice. I showed her some card magic and then taught her Kings Corner. She showed me a new solitary game. I arrived in Philadelphia at 3:50p. Ate Japanese Teriyaki Chicken in the airport which was pretty good. I sat with a guy Mike from Philadelphia who is going to Berlin to study German.

So in Philadelphia we had a gate changed from A22 to A24. Then a delay from leaving at 6:20p to 7:45p. Then another delay to leaving at 9p. The delay was because of mechanical problems. One good thing is that we got a $10 food voucher so free food. I ate with Sara and Teddy who are both going to Granada to study Spanish for 6 weeks. Then at 9p I took the 8 hour flight to Barcelona.

Next stop: Barcelona, Spain

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Waiting to go to Barcelona

Sitting in the airport waiting to get on the plane. By the time I arrive in Barcelona it will be Saturday. There goes a day on the plane. Literally.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Graduation Again

It seems that a good part of my adult life has been going to graduations. I have been obviously to my high school graduation, one for my AA degree, one for my BM and another for my MM. I have been to Adam's high school, his AA and his BM, my mom's Bachelors and Masters and Bonnie's Bachelors. Now that I am a professor at a college I have to go to one every year. This will be my 4th at this college.

At Galveston College the graduation day begins with a breakfast with all the graduates. I like free breakfast. Then rehearsal. This year they had a baby grand shipped to the convention center for me to play on during graduation. So while they practiced, so did I.

This evening, the actual graduation began. I played Pompous and Boring while the graduates processed in. I wore my masters robe and thus ending another school year of students, teaching and music fun.

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Going Home

We woke at 8a so we could take AD and JK to the airport on time. I took them to the airport, said our goodbyes and they were on their way back home.

Jennifer and I went to Sweet Tomatoes for breakfast-lunch. Then back to her place for an afternoon nap.

It was really nice to hang out with AD and JK this weekend.

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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hanging Out

Now that the performances are done we got to just hang out, visit and do anything they wanted.

We went to the Mosquito Cafe which they liked. Then walked across the street to the Dragonfly store and antique shop. Both AD and I got a sphere that uses batteries to change color.

I then took them to the turtle research facility.
(See here for background)

JK really liked the baby turtles.

I then took them downtown to walk around and browse through the shops. We stopped at an ice cream shop. Jennifer got lemonade, I got a lemon custard sundae, AD got a vanilla shake and JK got some fudge.

We drove by the opera house and AD asked if there is any shows going in on the island since they have nothing back in Garden City. So we went back to my place and checked the internet. There was a show called 100 yeas of Broadway at the opera house. AD and JK went and Jennifer and I went to Yomato for more sushi. Yummy.

After sushi, Jennifer and I waited for AD and JK's show to end at the Cafe Madrid. When the show ended, from the cell phone, I directed AD down the street to Cafe Madrid for some drinks, jazz and tapas.

At around midnight we went back to my place, hung out for a bit and then to bed.

What a great and fun day.

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Friday, May 2, 2008


Jennifer and I had to get up very early to pick up AD and JK. They took a 6a flight since it was cheaper. We then went to Le Peep for breakfast before heading down to Galveston. Got to my place to drop off their stuff and then went to Galveston College.

Ok, a little background. In the beginning of the semester I had asked Adam to compose a piece for the choir. He gave me a piece for choir and bass drum and I have been rehearsing the piece as well as others for the music department spring concert. Since he wanted to come to the performance I came up with and idea for Adam to talk during our the colleges 1st Friday faculty professional development lunch. Adam came up with a proposal to talk about communicating with other faculty staff and students.

So AD, JK, Jennifer and I went to the college of AD's talk. I helped set him up and introduced him to some of the faculty. He did very well and the faculty seemed to respond to what he was saying.

Then back to my place to hang out. I took a 1/2 hour nap and the we all got ready for the concert tonight.

We then met Stephen for some sushi at Sky Bar. Jennifer and I got our usual like salmon, yellow tail, eel, rock and roll and Philadelphia roll. AD and JK got a Philadelphia roll, some other sushi and a tofu dish.

Then to the college for the concert.
Press Release for the Spring Concert.

It was a great concert with a variety of pieces and ensembles.

The title of this years Spring Concert with the Galveston College Choir was "Joys, Fears and Emotions."

The concert began with voice students of my part timer Larry Patton. I wanted this concert to have more variety of ensembles so I asked Larry Patton who teaches voice at the college if he has student who would like to perform. He got 4 girls to sing “Three Spanish Ballades” by Eugine Butler. The ballades were “Come at Dawn”,
“Moon Song” and “May.” They called themselves Las Senoritas since they are all 4 students at Ball High School.

Next was the Galveston College Choir.

* Last Words of David - Randall Thomposn
     (We began with the biggest fear - the fear of God - with The Last Words of David.)

* The Coming of Fire - Adam C. Sharp
     The Coming Fire
     The Fire Ritual
     (Next we had the fear of the apocalypse. Adam C. Sharp incorporates
     apocalyptic Latin texts to create a cinematic type piece for choir.)

* Walkin’ - John Coates, Jr.
     (Next is the joy of walking with someone you really enjoy being with.)

* Love Lost - Paul Sjolund
     One Perfect Rose
     When You’re Away
     Careless Talk
     Your Little Hands
     (Next are 4 satirical poems on love.)

* O Sacred Banquet - Eric D. Sharp
     (Eric D. Sharp was born in Lakewood, CA … OK. You are not fooled. It’s me.
     The text is from an antiphon during the holy office celebration of Corpus Christi.
     Corpus Christi is Latin for body of Christ.)

* The Boy Who Picked Up His Feet to Fly - Joshua Shank
     (Who has not thought of wanting to fly? That is what the next piece is about.
     It is also about being careful about what you wish for. There is an old Chinese curse:
     May you receive everything you wish for.)

* Dirait-on - Morten Lauridsen
     (What woman does not like roses? The next piece is for you. It is also in French. How romantic.)

* Old Irish Blessing - Denes Agay
     (We ended the choir set with an Old Irish Blessing by Denes Agay, who passed away
     this last January at the wonderful age of 95. He wrote the music in honor
     of his only daughter Susan on her 17th Birthday.
     Naturally, this song was also sung beautifully at his memorial service.)

I then had one of my piano students Junghee Kang perform.
* Blumenlied - Gustav Lauge
     (Gustav Lange lived from 1830 to 1889. He was a German composer who
     produced a phenomenal number of works, most of which were light.
     This next piece is also known as Flower Song.)

The Island Steel Drum Band continued with the 2nd half.

* The Hammer - Brad Shores
* Island Echo - Brad Shores
* The Girl from Ipanema - Eric D. Sharp
* The Groove in the Mist - Eric D. Sharp
* Mission: Impossible - Eric D. Sharp
* Just After Sunset - Eric D. Sharp

There were over 110 people at the concert. It was a great concert and all groups sounded incredible. From my prospective it was the most fun I have had performing and conducing since I started at the college 4 years ago.

AD, JK, George, Ron, Jennifer and I then went to Salsa for the after concert celebration. That was also a lot of fun.

What a great but very long day of performances.

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Preparing for Arrival

After teaching classes and doing rehearsals for the day I did my final preparations for AD and JK coming tomorrow. Then left to Jennifer's to stay the night since she lives closer to the airport. Jennifer made some biscuits and gravy for dinner then went to bed. We have an early day tomorrow.

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