Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Leaving Chicago

We checked out of the hotel and had breakfast-lunch at a restaurant called Our Kitchen. I got an a cheese omelet and pancakes and they was really good. Drove to the airport and walked DD to his airline to say bye. Then I walked to mine. It was a nice to see DD and visit Chicago.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Bye Chicago

Today was the interview. Got up, shaved, showered and went for lunch at the Jerusalem Cafe which was good. Then to the interview at the college. I think it went well. I will just have to wait and see. Then we were thinking of getting Korean food for dinner. So we looked at our GPS and DD just picked the 1st one on the list. So we drove there and discovered that the restaurant was not there anymore. But since we were in Korea town, we picked another place. 1st time DD or I had Korean food. It was pretty good and a nice adventure. We then drove along the lake through Chicago for one last look. I really like the city.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

On Top of the City

We ate at a local sandwich restaurant and DD and I both got a sandwich and soup. They were good. We then drove to downtown Chicago. It is a gorgeous city with the lake, the river, tall buildings and the draw bridges. DD figured since we were here, we should go on top of the Sears Tower (now called the Willis Tower. The Willis Tower? Who are they?) It took over an hour to wait in line to get tickets to wait for a 15 minute movie, then watched the 15 min movie about the history of the sears tower (I could have read about it on a wall and saved 30 minutes) before we finally got an elevator ride up to the top. It was a great view. I even stood on the plastic see through ledge.

We then went to Lake Michigan and walked along it. Walked by the big fountain which has a great view of the city. Walked down a pier to get a picture of the Chicago Harbor Lighthouse.

Here is a great view of the Chicago Skyline.

When to AM/PM for some Doritos and 7p. Then back to the hotel and had left over pizza, Doritos and 7up.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

From Chicago

Today was my flight. (A lot of driving to the airport these last few weeks.) This flight is for an interview in Chicago. "From ChiCAgo" (from a Steve Reich piece). DD also came to play before the interview on Monday since neither of us had been here before. We met at the Chicago airport, got our rental car and dropped our stuff at the Wyndam Drake hotel. Nice hotel. There was also a wedding reception on the 1st floor next to the bar so DD and I got a drink and watched the entertainment of cute girls in nice dresses.

We then went for real Chicago style pizza which is stuffed pizza. It looks like a pie with crust on top and bottom and cheese in between. It was real good.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Lunch with Friends

I had lunch with George and Ron at the Mosquito Cafe. I of course had to get my Lemonade Dream Cake. Walked to Ron's house to see the progress he has made on restoring his 1st floor since the flooding of Ike. We then walked around his neighborhood which is filled with houses that were build before 1900. Then back home to work on my 2 mini lectures for another interview Monday.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Too Early to Fly

We got up at 5a (I know I actually got up) in order to take Jennifer to the airport for a 7a flight. I hate getting up early, especially that early, but it was no problem since I love her and would do almost anything for her. After I dropped her off at the airport, I went to my place and finished my sleep.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Mid Week Day in Houston

So at 11a I went to the Finalist interview (the 2nd interview or also known as the administrative interview) at the Houston Community College. The 1st interview a few weeks ago was now well organized like not telling me what room the interview was or even where to meet. They also asked specific questions that seemed like they wanted a specific answer that know one but some one who worked at their school before could answer. After that interview I felt like crap thinking I had a bad interview. I later realized they were the unprofessional ones. So, Monday I get a call that they would like a 2nd interview. What?

Today it was a real interview with proper questions asked by the dean and the chair. His questions were about whether I fit what they want.

So since I was already in town, I picked up Jennifer at work and we had sushi at Blue Fish. Good sushi, bad service. Then took her back to work and I went back to her apartment and hung out playing Diablo. We later had dinner at Chuy's. Yummy Tex Mex. Then Jennifer finished packing for her flight tomorrow. She is going home for 10 days to hopefully relax.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Back to Houston

DD's took me to the airport for an uneventful flight to Houston. Dropped my stuff off at Jennifer's and met her and her friends at the park for volleyball. Jennifer and I then went back to her place for pizza and hanging out. My trip back home was over. Thanks DD for the place to stay and sleep.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Day with Family and Friends

DD and I met Dave, Dennis, Chrissy and Liz (Dennis and Chrissy's kid) at Baja Sonora. Good Mexican and very inexpensive. DD then dropped me off at Nana and Bonnie's. Mom came by and we all 4 talked. I also enjoyed working on a puzzle with Nana. I was fun just hanging out.

Mom then took me to her house (the house I grew up in) to play the piano I 1st played when I was 3. It still is one of the best sounding upright pianos I have ever played. It has a nice warm sound to it.

Mom then took me to DD so I could change for my High School Reunion. I took DD's truck to the Restaurant, Don the Beachcomber. There was a buffet, a DJ and dancing and it was fun but only 80 people showed up. My graduation class had 640. So the people that I was closer friends with that I am not in contact with now were not there. I had heard that some of them could not afford to come who did not live in the area because the economy sucks right now. That might have effected a lot of them. There were a lot more at my 10 year. So I ate, drank, had cake, danced and talk with the people I knew. Hope the 30 year one will be better.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

A Day at the Beach

Went to Ruby's with Mom on the pier at Seal Beach. Had a turkey burger with garlic fries and a chocolate coke. Then watched people wipe out while they were riding the waves on a boogie board. One had a large inflatable swimming pool animal. It looked hilarious to watch it ride the waves.

Then walked to Stone Cold Creamery and I got an "I love it" Birthday Cake Remix Ice Cream which includes cake batter ice cream, a brownie and rainbow sprinkles. We sat and watched the ocean while I was eating the ice cream concoction.

Then back to DD's to rest after being in the sun. Called Jennifer and had a nice conversation while walking around the block in the nice non humid air. Then to Claim Jumper for dinner with DD and Mom.

A nice cool day at the beach.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Day with Nana and Bonnie

Mom came by to pick me up and went to Nana's to visit Nana and Bonnie. I showed then pictures I have taken since Christmas like the New Orleans trip.

I visited them from 1-6p. It was then time to go and get dinner. I wanted to go to the sushi place that I went to with Dave last summer. So Mom and I went to Fusion sushi and met DD there. Good sushi with some of their special rolls like the Hawaiian roll and Philadelphia roll with salmon on top.

Dave and his girlfriend Cassie came by to visit and had sake. It was great finally meeting the mystery girl. He has been dating her for 3 years and every time I have come here to visit and met Dave somewhere, his girlfriend had to do something else. It was like this girl was just his imagination. Cool girl and they look good together. Great sushi and good conversation.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Going Home for the Summer

After what happened last summer with US Airways Blah. I now always take Continental. The flight was fine with a nice snack. Remember that this is only the snack on this airline. I had salad with with some vinaigrette dressing, a BBQ turkey sandwich and a small packed of M & M's. It was all needed for lunch.

I picked my flight to land when DD got off from work. So DD picked me up at the airport and I dropped of my stuff at his house. We then met my friend Andrew at the El Torito on the pier in Redondo beach. Good conversation while looking at the blue ocean and the crashing waves onto the beach.

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Monday, July 6, 2009

A Full Day Around Town

The day started with lunch with George, Stephen and his friend Zane at the Sunflower Cafe with good food and conversation. Then George and I walked around downtown to see what businesses have come back. We then ran into Rob in his new car and met him at Mod to hang out and I had an Italian Soda. We then all 3 want to New York Pizzeria for dinner. Good pizza. Then said bye to Rob and George and I hung out at my place. A full day of food friends and conversation.

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Lunch then Home

We packed up our stuff at the hotel and had lunch at Mr. B's. I started with Mr. B's Vodka Lemonade which was good. I then had a Gumbo Ya Ya which is a rich country style gumbo made with chicken and andouille sausage. My entree was Rosemary Chicken which is an all natural chicken breast roasted with rosemary compound butter ~ served with baby carrots, orzo and natural reduction sauce enhanced with fresh rosemary. This was incredible. The rosemary and butter was cooked under the skin. For dessert was a White Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream. It was pretty good.

We then walked to the St. Louis Cathedral to take a look inside. Quite incredible with the murals on the walls and ceiling.

Then back to the hotel to get the car and start the drive home. A fun trip into the past.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another Day in a Town of the Past.

This morning, Ron went out to get coffee and went to the Cafe Du Monde at the Original French Market Coffee Stand and brought back some Beignets and Orange Juice. Beignet is a local pastry and it was pretty good.

Lunch was at Bayona. We both had a Champagne Cocktail. I had a Caesar-style Salad with Arugula and Preserved Lemon. It was quite good. My dessert was a nice cheese cake with black berries. It was perfect.

We then walked around looking in the antique shops. Ron's 1st floor of his house had 22 inches of water during Ike. So he is looking for some unique living room chairs, possibly of French design and 3 simple pedestals. Unfortunately we did not find any he liked. We then walked to the Praline Connection. Jennifer wanted something unique to New Orleans and the Praline Connection is known for great pralines. I got 2 original, a rum one, a chocolate one and a coconut one. Then back to the hotel to rest before dinner.

Around 8p, Marcus, Ron's friend of almost 25 years, picked us up from the hotel to go to dinner. The place we wanted to go was closed for some reason. So he took up to Maple Street Cafe near the college. I had an artichoke soup (hot this time). I think I prefer it chilled instead of hot. I had lemon chicken with fettuccine which was quite good. For dessert I had Key Lime Pie which was incredible. We had a great conversation. Marcus then took us to the synagogue where he plays organ. The main room is huge and the tabernacle (the alter area) is incredible.

We then went down to Bourbon Street and had a drink in one of the bars to check out the night life. What a wild street.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Can Not Believe I am Finally in New Orleans

For 5 years I have been trying to go and see New Orleans and am finally here. I got up and took a shower. Then Ron and I walked around the French Quarter for a bit while I took pictures. We both had a muffin and orange juice at the coffee shop Café Envie. My blueberry muffin was really good. It blew away the muffins I get at stupid Starbucks at an airport. The times most people come to New Orleans is between September to May. June, July and August is not for most tourist. So even though it is hot and humid (just like Galveston) I got to see what it is like here without a lot of other tourist. I can see how the locals live. Ron really likes it here and has been coming here since the 90's.

For lunch we went to Café Degas. We each had a unique salad. I had La Salade Esplanade which had
organic baby greens, cucumber, carrots, tomatoes and a Dijon vinaigrette and had for dessert a Lemon Icebox Cake which was great.

We then drove to the Sculpture Garden next to the Museum. A nice open tree filled garden with some nice sculptures. Then to an area in New Orleans where there are big houses before the 1900's. Some nice architecture. Then back to the hotel to cool off and rest.

Around 6:30p, we walked a couple of blocks to the Mississippi River. A very wide river. We walked down Royal Street and then down to the crazy neon lights of Bourbon Street. The crazy and noisy neon lights only lasts for 4 to 5 blocks on Bourbon Street. The rest of the street is quiet like most of the French Quarter. It was a sight.

Then to dinner at Muriel's. We started with a bottle of Zolo 2008 Argentina wine. We both had the soup of the day which was chilled Cream of Artichoke Soup which was really good. We also both had the Wood Grilled Fish Of The Day which was Yellow Fin Tuna served with a Panzanella salad of Arugula, Cucumbers, Creole tomatoes, and Red onions with grilled French bread, finished with a basil pesto. For dessert I had a Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee which was incredible. A day of great food and great sights.

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