Sunday, November 29, 2009

Going Home from New Orleans

Ate breakfast at the Magnolia Cafe.  We both had French toast on real French bread.  Jennifer got hers with bacon and eggs and I got mine with bacon, eggs and sausage.  Good French bread with Creole spices.  Then off to home.  Jennifer drove from Baton Rouge to near the border of Texas and I drove the rest of the way.  Lots of traffic on the road. We are now back to the most comfortable bed in the world.
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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Checking Out the Mississippi

We had breakfast at  CafĂ© Envie in the French Quarter. Jennifer had a sandwich wrap and I had 3 ham omelets. Both of ours came with hash browns. I am not a big hash brown fan but these were good and Jennifer also really liked them and she is a hash brown fan.

We then drove down along the Mississippi to find some swamplands. Saw the wide river of the Mississippi, some nice views but no swamp.

Back to the French Quarter to the French Market and got some more Pralines. Then went to Coops for some Jambalaya. Good and spicy with ham and rabbit. Walked around some more and found May Bailey's Bar. The sign outside the bar said it had $3 wine during happy hour. So we decided to go in. We made it 3 minutes before happy hour was over. We each got a nice glass of Riesling. The bar is really nice to look at and our Riesling was really good and it was only $3. The bar is connected to the Dauphine Hotel and it once was a brothel.

Then went back to the Gumbo Shop but this time for a blackened chicken po-boy. This completed the trying of the foods that specifically came from New Orleans. Then back to the hotel for our last night.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

A Great Day in New Orleans

For breakfast, we went to the French Market to Cafe du Monde for beignets. Jennifer had Cafe Au Lait and I had hot chocolate. Very good hot chocolate.

We then walk the riverwalk along the Mississippi. Jennifer took pictures and a video of the big boats. Then back to the hotel to get my car. We drove to the Garden District where there are really nice big old houses. For lunch we went to a Chinese / Japanese place. It as bad Chinese and sushi. O well.

Then drove down Magazine Street. It has cute shops along the street for a quite a few blocks. Then back to the hotel and took a siesta.

At 4:30p we went back to the French Quarter and ate at the Gumbo Shop. I had chicken gumbo and Jennifer had seafood gumbo. It was really good. The best gumbo I have ever had.

We then walked down the crowed, neon lighted Bourbon Street. We went to the Maison Bourbon Jazz Club. There were some awesome jazz being played by the band playing piano, bass, drums, trumpet and clarinet. Jennifer had Irish coffee and I had hot buttered rum. We saw people drinking a Hand Grenade and the ingredients are secret and Jennifer really wanted to try one. So we each got one. There were really good. (I guess not secret anymore since I found the ingredients online.) We then ate at the Two Sisters and got a Boudin in a bun. I got a smoked sausage in a bun. Then back to the hotel.

What a great day with Jennifer in New Orleans.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Down to New Orleans

Today for Thanksgiving, Jennifer and I drove down to New Orleans. It is Jennifer's 1st time and my 2nd.  It is a little over a 5 hour drive.  We ate a big breakfast before we left with yogurt, bagel, oatmeal and chocolate chip banana muffins (Jennifer made them last week).  We stopped and had lunch at Subway in Louisiana.  It was past 5p when we got to New Orleans.  Our hotel, the Empress Hotel, is 2 blocks from the French Quarter.  That's cool.  Our hotel is cheap, $60 a night where other hotels in the area are at least $120 a night.  It is not a Motel 6 but we knew what we were getting in to.  We got here and it was an experience, like a hotel in Europe.  A very small room and bathroom with no closet.  Why do I need more?  We came to see the French Quarter not to live in the hotel.

We walked around the Quarter a bit and ate at the Magnolia Cafe.  I had a muffuletta and Jennifer had a crawfish etouffee. My sandwich was very good and came with seasoned fries. Then back to the hotel, got my car and drove offer the Mississippi on a large bridge. Then back over with a view of New Orleans and back to the hotel.

I am back in New Orleans.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Album is on Lala

I was just browsing through internet sites when I found Lala. It is a web site that allows you to play any song or album. Not just 30 seconds of it but the whole thing. So just for giggles I searched my album and it was on there. This is so cool. If you would like to listen to is follow the link below.

My Album on Lala

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