Sunday, October 31, 2010

Been Awhile

Wow.  It has been awhile since I have written here.  This is what happens when everything changes. Like what happened 6 years ago when I moved to Galveston to take a college gig, the same thing is happening now that I have moved to Lafayette.  New college with a whole different way to get things done, new home (town home this time), new city (bigger than Galveston and a college down instead of a tourist town), having to make new friends and without a girlfriend.  Ya just like when I moved to Galveston.  It can be exciting but it sucks having to do it all again and alone.

New College:  The 1st semester is always busy so there is very little time to do any major socializing and composing.  Because of that, I still have not put everything away since I have moved here.  I am teaching Music Appreciation, History of Jazz and Intro to Pro Tools.  I can not say it is fun since it is the 1st semester and it is always hard during the 1st semester but it is ok.  Next semester will be fun.

New Friends:  So far there has been Micah who I have been dragging around with me to all the unique festivals. Wendy who dragged me to an art walk which was fun and lot of people were there.  And Lorne who lived in Los Angeles at one time and at his house party made homemade gumbo which was really good. 

New City:  A unique city.  Since it is in an area that is very old and was not originally part of the US, there are a lot of unique food and festivals.  I have been to the Zydeco Festival (where I had my 1st alligator which was fried on a stick.  It was good.  And lots of other Cajun food.), the Sugarcane Festival (even the hamburgers and hot dogs are done Cajun style.  Yum.), Latin American Festival (good tamales), and the Boudin Festival (lots of really good boudin.)

New Music:  Lots of Cajun and zydeco music.  The best Cajun music I heard was on October 22, I did here the University's Concert Band played with an Emmy award winning Cajun music group who came from here. They were BeauSoleil and the auditorium was packed.  Great and fun music. 

On October 30th to an also pack audience was the University's Symphony Orchestra.  It was a multi media event.  They played Borodin's Prince Igor with dancers, played Danny Elfman's Simpsons Theme and Spider Pig from the movie.  Next was a really cool piece with narrator and slides The Composer is Dead.  Not an easy piece but very enjoyable and funny.  The narrator did a great job.  The concert ended with a medley of music from Star Wars Episode 1.  I dragged Micah to this concert and he really enjoyed it.

So I have been busy and trying to work the town.  Time to focus on what is the most important to me.  Composing Music.

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