The Night Sky

Can you feel the cool air?
Can you see the sparkles in the sky?

Can you see the crescent moon?
Can you see the bright star?

I can see the meteor
Creating a bright trail in the sky.

I can see Polaris, the North Star
Hanging thirty degrees in the sky.

I can see Venus brightly shinning
Following the sun to the horizon.

I see the Pleiades
A local cluster of stars.

And I see Orion
Filling the eastern sky.

A soft cool breeze
Blows through the trees
While I sit here watching the stars.

                            - Eric D. Sharp

Music of the Ocean

Waves crash against the rocks as a deep blue is reflected
off its calming and endless surface.
Cliffs and rocks are used as a sounding board for the waves
creating a deep resonance upon the sonic canvas.

In counterpoint against the wind and the birds,
waves crash at different dynamics
thus creating different sonorities.

Small waves produce a central pitch or middle frequency
and is followed by a few sixteenth note spashes.

The large waves produce a deep and low pitch
as it is bounced off the hollow curvature of the rocks.

The full resonant sonority of the louder wave fills the sonic canvas
and resonates within the person listening to this music of the ocean.

- Eric D. Sharp   

The Puddle


Plop - Splash

Oh man!

- Eric D. Sharp

A Creek

Trickle           bubble               trickle

                      bubble             trickle            bubble


Trickle              trickle        trickle

Gurgle        Gurgle



Trickle        bubble        trickle

                      bubble             trickle            bubble

- Eric D. Sharp