Friday, September 3, 2004

The 1st Week as a College Professor

Ok. Let's try to sum up all the fun and chaos I have gone through this past week. Well, On Sunday, DD and I want to the aquarium at the Moody Gardens here on the island. Moody Gardens consists of 3 pyramids; the aquarium, the rainforest, the discovery museum, a paddlewheel boat (like on the Mississippi River) and IMAX theater. It was fun seeing the fishies. There were also penguins there which are also cute.



Monday was supposed to be my Monday/Wednesday Music Appreciation class but not enough people signed up for it so it ended up being cancelled. At 6p that evening I was honored with a reception. It was a way to announced to the community that Galveston College finally has a full time music professor. This was followed with the 1st community choir rehearsal of the year. It is a good group and it will fun rehearsing and conducting them during the year.

Tuesday was my Tuesday/Thursday Music Appreciation class at 9:30a. I have 19 students in this class. That is a big for a music class for a college this size. This was followed by the History of Rock class at 11a. This class has about 12 students. I really enjoy teaching and talking about music in a college setting. It is still amazing to me that I blab away about music and people are taking notes on what I say. It is almost surreal.

Wednesday I have the hard drive of the computer in my office taken for a day. It has Microsuck 2000 instead of XP. Since the school is networked with XP they needed install it on my computer.

Thursday I have my Music Appreciation class and History of Rock class, same time as on Tuesday. I also have a Music Application class from 6-9p every Thursday once a week.

During the week between teaching classes, DD went around the island and explored. He went to the Train Museum and walked around the History Downtown. Also during this week when I was not teaching classes we moved around the heavy boxes and furniture around or upstairs. By Friday we had finished with the heavy stuff.

Posted by Eric at September 3, 2004 4:14 PM