Thursday, September 30, 2004

The Quest for Free Food

Since I began this gig at the college I have encountered places where free food has been available. The 1st free food experience was my 1st contracted day, a week from the 1st day of classes (Wow. That is a lot of 1sts). It was a day long in-service. We had breakfast, lunch and dessert (brownies and cookies).

Next was during the 1st week of classes (there is that 1st again) for a Citibank promotion. There was free sandwiches, chips and drinks.

Next free food encounter was when the dispatcher of the college came back. George (a fellow professor, also in search of free food, who I met while getting seconds during lunch at the in-service) and I went down to find sandwiches and cream pies.

Next was a large cake (half chocolate and half white cake) for someone in the technology department who is leaving the college for a new job.

Next was someone's B-day so there was quiche on the 3rd floor faculty offices wing.

Next was finding leftovers from the accreditation team's lunch. I had a big bowl of salad and 2 big brownies.

Next was the foundation meeting with sandwiches, cookies and drinks.

Today was a business lunch meeting with the local high school band director and the guy in charge of the foundation for the college.

Pretty cool huh.

Posted by Eric at September 30, 2004 9:44 PM