Friday, March 16, 2007

Niagara Falls

Today was the Niagara Falls Tour. We got picked up right from our guesthouse. Got a little tour of Toronto on our way out. Then stopped for an opportunity for a 20 minute copter or plane ride over the falls which cost more. The plane was $89 and the copter was $114. Way to much for just an aerial view. Surprisingly 90% of the tour did it so instead of us waiting for everyone to finish, the tour guide took us somewhere that was not part of the tour. He took us to a chocolate factory to have free chocolate tasting. They were good.

Then to a vineyard for wine tasting. The place where they keep the wine barrels was cool. The wine was not that good. To give them credit, they got awards for their ice wine which I did not try. ($4 just to taste the ice wine. Not worth it.)

Then took a look at the whirl pool. Then to the falls. The tour behind the falls was also part of the tour package. It was cool to be that close to the falls.
niagara.jpg niagara2.jpg

We then ended that and saw it from the front. Amazing looking especially with the snow and ice.

We then ate at the Table Rock Restaurant with a perfect view of the falls during lunch.

Then on the way back to Toronto, it began to snow. It was so neat. We then stopped by who Jennifer calls "Her Toronto Parents" to say hi. We had some very good wine and then gave us a bottle. Then onto the cool subway to meet Jennifer's friend Ryan and his girlfriend Kathrine. We went to eat at a Japanese restaurant which included Miso soup, salad, a sushi variety plate and ice cream. Then back to Ryan's place to share the bottle of wine.

It was a great day and a fun evening.

Posted by Eric at March 16, 2007 11:04 PM