Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Old Piano

We hung around the house and ate Christmas leftovers. JK went to her parents house with AD. I went to Mom's (my old house) to see how the bedrooms look with no carpet. Mom had ripped out the old carpets this past year to expose the hard wood floors underneath. The rooms look nice with hard wood. I then went through my old children's books and records that I have been keeping for some reason. I got rid of all of the books. I have the few I wanted back at my place that I took when I first moved to Northern Cal. I got rid of all the records except one "The Song of the South." I kept it since Disney pretty much no longer acknowledges that the movie ever existed.

I then played my old piano. I miss my old piano. It still sounds nice a warm and it is still one of the best pianos I have ever played.

Then to the Comedy and Magic Club with DD, AD, JK and Mom. It was fun. Most of the comedians were good. The headliner was ok. He somehow lost his place or flow during the middle of his routine. It was fun going out though.

Posted by Eric at December 26, 2007 10:58 PM