Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hanging Out

Now that the performances are done we got to just hang out, visit and do anything they wanted.

We went to the Mosquito Cafe which they liked. Then walked across the street to the Dragonfly store and antique shop. Both AD and I got a sphere that uses batteries to change color.

I then took them to the turtle research facility.
(See here for background)

JK really liked the baby turtles.

I then took them downtown to walk around and browse through the shops. We stopped at an ice cream shop. Jennifer got lemonade, I got a lemon custard sundae, AD got a vanilla shake and JK got some fudge.

We drove by the opera house and AD asked if there is any shows going in on the island since they have nothing back in Garden City. So we went back to my place and checked the internet. There was a show called 100 yeas of Broadway at the opera house. AD and JK went and Jennifer and I went to Yomato for more sushi. Yummy.

After sushi, Jennifer and I waited for AD and JK's show to end at the Cafe Madrid. When the show ended, from the cell phone, I directed AD down the street to Cafe Madrid for some drinks, jazz and tapas.

At around midnight we went back to my place, hung out for a bit and then to bed.

What a great and fun day.

Posted by Eric at May 3, 2008 6:18 PM