Thursday, June 5, 2008

Into the Arabian World

Ate falafel in a pita for lunch at the same place we went yesterday. The guy behind the counter knew us from yesterday and said "Dos falafel y samosas ?" We said just the falafel. Still very good.

Adventure to find the post office.

Then to a tapas bar. We got vino con lemon and had a free tapa. It was some kind of deep fried. Jennifer called it deep fried terror fish. It was good though.
Another vino con lemon and got a free fried shrimp tapa.

Since there was open table to sit at, a Spanish couple invited us to sit with them. They new no English and I new only a little Spanish. We did communicate a little. I got their names, Miguel and Margarita. I told them I am a music professor in Texas and Jennifer is a science student. I got that they were visiting Granada and her sister lives in Barcelona.

Ran into a massive cathedral on the way back to the hotel.

Had a 1/2 hour siesta and then went to the same place we had falafel and each got a huge samosa.

When to a different Arabian tea house. I had chi tea and Jennifer had green tea. These tea houses are elaborately decorated and quite peaceful.

Then to a different tapas bar. We both had a wine with lemon. Tapa was medium sandwich and fries. Pretty good.

We the went to another Arabian tea house called the Kasbah. We shared an Indian Chi tea and crapes.

Then back to the hotel to pack for tomorrow we go back to Barcelona.

Posted by Eric at June 5, 2008 10:24 PM