Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Heck of a Morning turned into a Peach of a Day

This morning started out great. I woke up this morning next to my beautiful girlfriend, gave her a good morning kiss and had cereal. Left the apartment, no traffic to the airport and got an Arby's sandwich on the way. We sat and ate our sandwich together. Got a kiss goodbye. She went to her side of the terminal and l went to my US Airways terminal. Now I sit and wait. 2:30p came and I found out that the plane had not left San Antonio because of the Houston weather. Then at 3:30p, they said it was canceled and we had to go out of security to the ticket counter where lots of people were also there for 2 other flights that were canceled. IT WAS 7:30P WHEN I FINALLY GOT TO THE FRONT OF THE LINE. THAT IS 4 HOURS! I was tired, hungry and can not believe being in the computer age it took that long. I was lucky. I have 2 other airports near Long Beach. So they switched me to Continental to fly non-stop to LAX.

Took the train to the Continental terminal and grabbed a slice of pizza. There were 2 flights going to LAX. One was at 8p delayed to 9 something and my flight with was supposed to leave at 9p and delayed to 10:30p. The 8p flight had a gate number on the departure screen and it match the gate. My flight did not have a gate number and on my ticket it was gate 43a but at that gate said it was going to Columbus, OH.

So I walked to the 8p flight gate to ask if they knew what gate my flight is located. He looked at me and said, "We have one seat left. You want to go on this flight?" I of course enthusiastically said ya. We ripped off the boarding pass and said, "Go find the empty seat." Walked onto the plane and asked the flight attendant were the last seat is. He took me to the 1st row of the 2nd section of the plane. The cool part was it was an exit row so I had lots of leg room. I sat next to Joe. A cool guy who has been flying for 30 years because of his job. He would say the funniest comments. When we were taxiing for 7 minutes he said, "Are were driving to LA.?" I laughed so hard. I thought my day was bad. He had been flying since 7a. He also said another great comment. It was a comment about the say we were having. He said, "It has been a richly rewarding emotional experience." I again laughed so hard I almost fell out of my seat.

It is a pretty good airline. Besides the free beverage, we got food. Not pretzels like on other airlines, but real food. We got a small beef and cheese burger shaped sandwich, a small salad with Caesar dressing on the side and a small Hershey bar.

I finally landed in LAX at 11:30p and DD picked me up and drove me to his house. The day is finally over. Flying sucks.

Posted by Eric at June 26, 2008 11:44 PM