Monday, July 7, 2008

Through LA

Jennifer and I ate sushi at Fusion Sushi. We each had the lunch special with included a piece of salmon, tuna, yellow tail, and albacore and a special roll. The special rolls were Hawaiian roll (quite good) and the red dragon roll. We also got a special Philadelphia roll (had salmon on top) which was also very good.

I wanted to show Jenifer different parts of LA. So we drove up the coast on PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) then made a right on Olympic and drove though Beverly Hills, went down Rodeo Drive and went on the Sunset Strip though Hollywood.

We then went to pick up Mom and DD met us at Claim Jumper for dinner. Then back to DD's to hang out. Took Mom back home.

DD and I watched Dirty Jobs, a show on the discovery channel, and we were really laughing at the hosts comments. Jenifer enjoyed watching DD and I laughing together. What a great way to end the evening with DD. After the show , we said our goodbyes since DD is getting up early to go to work tomorrow.

Thanks DD for setting up your home for me and later Jennifer. It felt like home for awhile.

Posted by Eric at July 7, 2008 10:08 PM