Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 12: Down to the Island

I drove down to the island at 5a to avoid the large amount of traffic that will be coming in later. There was a little line up (I was 7 miles away from the causeway) since we were all waiting for the island to open. At 6a the traffic moved slowly but consistently and I was finally on the island after almost 2 weeks later. The main part of the island did not look as bad at everyone describes. I am not talking about the west end that I did not go to because that place is a mess and is probably just as bad as the pictures show. There were boats scattered all over the island near the water. Some just on the side of the road.

My place weathered really well. No breaks in the windows or skylight. I was told that my downstairs (the building's 2nd floor) french doors to the balcony opened during the storm. Surprisingly not much water got in. Some papers I had near the doors were ruined by the water and some leaves and dirt got in. But that is it nothing compared to a couple of my friends who have houses and their places were flooded.

The seawall looks different with the Balinese room and other stores that were on piers are now completely gone. Only the stumps sticking out of the water is was is left of those places.

Downtown from the street looks ok with just windows broken Most of the buildings look fine. Inside the buildings are probably a mess since it was flooded over 10 feet. There were dirty and water ruined clothes on the curbs among other things. The houses down there had ruined furniture on the curb.

It is a sad place and so many people have many of their things ruined. May you pray and think positive thoughts to those who have lost. If you would like to donate, there is now an Ike fund.

Click here to the site to donate.

The article about the fund.

Posted by Eric at September 24, 2008 5:38 PM