Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lucky Day - Day 2

For lunch, Jennifer and I went to Chuy's which usually has a crowded parking lot. Well since it is lucky day, we found a spot the 1st time we drove though the parking lot.

Then to the airport. Now it is a precarious time to travel with all the delayed flights this time of year. Since I am coming from a place that does not snow to a place that does not snow, I thought I would not be effected. Well I was. It was supposed to leave at 5:18p. It got delayed to 8:05p because our plane coming from Austin had mechanical problems. So they had to change planes hence the delay. While I was waiting, I was talking to the 2 pilots that was going to fly our plane to LA. It was fun talking to them. They told me stories of previous flights. The notice a famous actor that was also waiting to get on our plane. I had notice him earlier but just thought he looked like the actor. They saw someone talk a picture with him and figured it as him. I later her someone ask him if it was him and he said ya. Elijah Wood was on our plane. Pretty cool.

We got on the plane and more delay for 20 minutes. There was an argument with a couple of passengers before we got on the place. One tried to cut in line and the other said do not talk to my wife like that. I was in the plane when it happened but we had to wait until it was sorted out. Stupid, self centered people. Everyone in the US is having problem with travel. Be a grown up and deal with it instead of making it crappy for everyone else.

We finally left the gate at 9:04p and were waiting on the runway to take off. We were 20th in line because the airport was only using 2 runways because of the winds. So they were not using the other 2 runways. Let us just add more unrelated delays. We finally took off at 9:42p. OK let us compare. I was suppose to leave at 5:18p and ended up leaving at 9:42p.

I flew continental. It was the 2nd time I ever flew this airline and it is pretty cool. This is what I got just for a "snack." A small cookie size cheese pizza, salad with ranch dressing on the side and a stick of Twix. That is just a snack. Their meals like lunch and dinner are better. Last time I flew with them dinner was lasagna. Not bad.

So I got to LA past midnight instead of 7:30p. I am tired. Sleep time.

Posted by Eric at December 21, 2008 10:30 PM