Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Viewing

AD and JK flew in today as well as Barbara, Mom's youngest sister.  DD and I went to Pancake House and AD and JK met us there.  Then we went to the viewing of Nana at the mortuary.  Mom,  Bonnie (Mom's younger sister), Barbara, DD, AD, JK and I were there 1st.  Jean (Nana's best friend for over 35 years) came a few minutes later. Some of Nan's other friends came during the viewing.  I walked up to Nana to really see that she is gone.  I touched her hand which felt like a mannequin's hand.  She really is gone.  I said bye to Nana who was and looked up and said hi to were Nana is now.  Some stayed for the Rosary.  I did not go.  I stayed outside talking to Adam and Barbara.

After the Rosary was done AD, JK, Mom, Bonnie, Barbara, DD, Jean and I went to Don Jose'.  Lots of talking about Nana and some laughs.  It was really nice seeing everyone. 

Posted by Eric at October 21, 2009 10:08 PM
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