Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Funeral

Today at 10a was Nana's Funeral.  It was a beautiful service.  It began with military honors which included playing taps (which was played very well with vibrato and feeling) and folding of the flag.  Then continued with a eulogy by Mom, Adam and Jean.  Then followed with a Catholic funeral mass.  I was one of the pallbearers along with DD, Adam and David. The reception was in the church hall with sandwiches, fruit and carrot cake. We then went to Bonnie's for the reading of the will and to hang out and talk.

We (Mom, Bonnie, Barbara, DD, AD, JK and I) went to the Fortune Cookie Chinese Restaurant.  Then we all went to DD's for more hanging out. 

Posted by Eric at October 22, 2009 12:23 AM
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