Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Dress Up Day

The day started great. Jennifer had hot cereal and I had cold cereal. We then got dressed up in our Halloween outfits.  I wore my kilt.  The actual Sharp tartan pattern that DD got years ago.  Jennifer dressed up as a 1940's pin-up complete with a little black dress and seamed stockings with a guarder belt.  She looked good.  We then went to Memorial Mall for my haircut.  Whenever we go to Memorial Mall I want to go to Sweet Tomatoes.  And we did just that. 

Then back to Jennifer's to rest a little for tonight. Jennifer's friend Amanda got free tickets to the comedy club.   Jennifer and I drove to the comedy club area and looked for a place to eat.  We decided on Chipotle.  When we got there, someone who had walked out of the place told us if we wear aluminum foil, you get a free burrito.  So Jennifer made a tiara out of the aluminum foil the guy walking out gave us and we got a free burrito. 

Then met Amanda and her guy at the comedy club.  It was a fun Halloween.

Happy Halloween!


Posted by Eric at October 31, 2009 10:44 PM
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