Friday, April 2, 2010

Checking Out the City

Got up and had the hotel free breakfast and then headed to the interview.  Did the questions and did the demonstration.  This time to conduct and rehearse with a choir made of a small group of students.  They just built a new fine arts building.  I would not mind working there.

I then went to see the St. Paul Cathedral in St. Paul.  A big and old cathedral with a large dome and large statues of St. Paul and St. Matthews.  There was a mass of good Friday going on so I sat in the back.  I heard the choir in the balcony singing a couple of Renaissance pieces.  The sound bounced around the cathedral and filled the room.  It was an incredible sound.

After mass I went to the Mall of America.  It is huge with an amusement park in the center.  It is 4 levels and 4 sides.  It was not easy trying to avoid eating meat today and for me specifically, chicken while trying to find something to eat at the mall.  I did finally find a Thai lace with a Thai spiced salmon.  So I got that with fried rice and mixed veggies and watched the roller coaster go by.  Oh, I did go to the dollar store in the mall and found . . . a white chocolate bunny.  Finally.  It is so hard to find them.

After enough walking, I called Jennifer to look on the internet for some fun place to go and the found the Artist Quarter.  It is a downstairs music club featuring great musicians.  Tonight was the Afro Jazz group.  I got a tequila sunrise and found a table.  It was a trio with guitar, bass and drums.  Each a very good musician and kept the long tunes interesting.  The drummer was very good adding tasteful fills.  An great evening of music.
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