Friday, November 26, 2010

Things on the List

Since I have been in Louisiana, I have been missing things that I liked in Galveston but can not get here. So today and tomorrow are about getting things on my list.

1 - 1st was the car service. I have been taking my car to the Honda place for years. They know me and are always good to me and my car. So I dropped my car off and George and I went to...

2 - Salsas. Had to have the green salsa. We both get the Enchiladas Bronco which has fajita chicken topped with red sauce and queso. It is still good.

Then picked up my car. Feels great.

3 - Then to Randalls to get the Hensen's Black Cherry soda. They some how do not have it where I live.

4 - Went to Spec's. There is an orange liqueur called Orangel that I can not find here. I mix it with 7up and a splash of orange juice. Got some of that.

5 - Then to Mosquito Cafe to get the incredible Lemonade Dreamcake. I got 2. One for now and the other for later.

6 - Then to Ron's for some wine, organ playing and conversation. I stayed the night at George's mom's last night. Tonight I am staying at "Ron's Hotel."

What a nice evening.

Posted by Eric at November 26, 2010 10:12 PM
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