Saturday, November 27, 2010

The List Continues

Woke up at "Ron's Hotel" (we were joking about that all last evening). Ron got me a muffin from across the street for breakfast.

Then to pick up George on the way to Fry's. While there I had to get a few things. I thought they might have the memory I wanted so I would not have to order it online and have it shipped. They did. So now I can upgrade my Linux Mint to 64 bit and see 8 Gigs of memory.

I also got a 2 terrabyte internal hard drive (I am running out of space with my 640 gig drive).

I mainly came for some cheap usb flash drives and a case for Heather. No case for Heather. They all looked like luggage. I got the usb drives. Since Heather did not come with Microsuck 7 DVD recovery disks I have to get usb ones. But you have to have 2. One for the system recovery and the other for the application recovery. They can not be on the same drive. After I do that. I will either dual boot with Linux Mint or wipe windows off.

That is it. Oh I did take some Thanksgiving leftovers home. Yummy.

Then took the drive home. And end of a nice and successful vacation.

Posted by Eric at November 27, 2010 10:08 AM
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