Friday, May 12, 2006

Music from the Island

This year The Spring Concert had a new addition. It was the 1st performance of the Island Steel Drum Band.

The concert began with 3 pieces.
* Coral Reef Song - Brad Shores
* Island Echo - Brad Shores
* Steeling the Blues - Brad Shores

The concert then continued with the choir.

The title of this years spring concert was Music in Couples. Each piece was paired with another piece.
The 1st couple was a pair of sacred pieces.
* Consecrate the Place and Day - Lloyd Pfautsh
* David's Lamentation - William Billings

The next couple were a pair of pieces from other countries.
* From Israel: Erev Shel Shoshanim - arranged by Jack Klebanow
* From Romania: Chindia - Alexandru Pascanu

The next couple were a pair of comical pieces.
* Feller from Fortune - arranged by Harry Somers
* Bagels and Biscuits - Theodore Lucas

The next couple were pieces that combined 2 songs in one piece. One song, a barbershop, is combined with a love song. These are from the musical "Music Man."
* Lida Rose and Will I Ever Tell You - Meredith Willson
* Pick a Little, Talk a Little and Good Night Ladies - Meredith Willson

Then after intermission was a couple of pieces from the Romantic Period.
* Neighbors' Chorus - Jacques Offenbach
* How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place - Johannes Brahms

Then next couple were pieces that make you want to go "aw."
* The Lamb - Ken Neufeld
* Sleep - Ivor Gurney

Then was a couple of Love Songs from the musical "Music Man."
* Till There was You - Meredith Willson
* Goodnight, My Someone - Meredith Willson

The last couple of the evening was a pair of gospels.
* Soon As Will Be Done - William L. Dawson
* Goin' Up to Glory - Andre J. Thomas

It was a great concert. I had a nice amount people in the audience, the choir sounded good, the steel band sounded good and I had a lot of fun. I think it was my best concert at Galveston College.

Posted by Eric at May 12, 2006 11:46 PM