Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Spokane River Front Park and Art Fest

We went downtown and ate at Cyrus O'Learys. AD and I got a Chicken Parmesan Sandwich. It was really good. Then to The Spokane River Front Park. We all went on the Spokane Skyride and saw a bird eye view of the river and the falls. A nice view. Then AD and I went on the 1909 Carousel. During the ride you can reach out and grab a small plastic ring and then try to throw it into a hole to make a ding sound. AD made one. AD also told me back then they had a brass ring you tried to reach and someone would pull it away like a pinata. Hence the expression, "Reach for the brass ring." We then went to the IMAX and watched a movie about the Hubble telescope with included some incredible images from the telescope. It really felt like you were there in space.

We then went to the Spokane Art Festival. A lot of great art work. Talked to a couple of photographers and got some helpful tips. AD and Jk bought some art. The artist works with fractals. They are really good. AD and JK bought 3 and one for Mom.

Then headed home and picked up Taco Bell. I had some Take the Cake ice cream.

Posted by Eric at June 5, 2010 10:44 PM
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