Thursday, December 31, 2009

Finally The End of a Crappy 2009

Jennifer went to work and I did some emailing.  Jennifer friend Amanda called and asked if could pick them up for lunch.  We went to the Mediterranean restaurant Aladdin.  I have been there before and the food is really good. 

I picked Jennifer up from work and took her down to my place for New Years.

He bought some vegetable sushi rolls from Kroger.  I made spaghetti which did not come out that well unfortunately.  We did have our Riesling that we really like.  We also ate some chocolate in a box Jennifer brought down.  Those were good.  Watched some channel that had the New York ball drop. 

Goodbye crappy 2009.

Happy New Year and hello 2010! 

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Came in Early

DD, Mom, AD, JK and I went to Macaroni Grill for lunch.  We all then dropped by Bonnie's so AD, JK and I can say bye.  I said bye to everyone and DD took me to the airport.  When I got there I was over 2 hours early.  I saw on the departure screen that there was an earlier flight that was delayed.  So I went to the gate and asked if they had room on the early flight.  They said there were 2 more seats left.  So I got in.  I got to see my girlfriend Jennifer over 2 hours earlier. Yay.
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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Food, Speakers and Webcam

This trip has worked out well.  I have been able to see all my friends here that wanted to see me. So today DD's place was a meeting place for another friend of mine Andrew and his new girlfriend Trina.  Mom also came by.  So we have AD, JK, DD, Mom, Andrew, Trina and I going to Claim Jumpers for lunch.  Good food and great conversation.

DD and I went to get some batteries for his new wireless speakers.  DD has been wanting to get a pair of webcams.  I wanted to make sure they were good, had what we needed and cheap.  We found one at Target yesterday but not two.  So today was found 2 webcams with build in mic for $20.  Pretty cool.  Then back to DD's to try out the speakers.  They worked really well for $10.  I set up the webcam and called my girlfriend Jennifer to try them out.  They work pretty well.  It was strange talking to her and seeing her on the computer screen.  My family talked to her a bit before going and watching a movie and having dessert of pumkin or apple pie or booze cake.  Yummy.
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Monday, December 28, 2009

Family and Friends

Lunch at Souplantation with DD, AD, JK Mom and I.  Ya we really like this place.  We then walked to Best Buy and helped DD buy a new, bigger monitor.  We then walked to the Lakewood Mall.  At JC Penny's there was red box (I think that is what it is called) sale and DD bought 2 wireless speakers for only $10.  Pretty cool.  We also went to a Jamapies store and bought my girlfriend Jennifer a Christmas present.  I will tell when she opens it. 

Then back to DD's to hang out.  Chrissy met up with us at DD's and then went to walk around Downtown Disney with all the lighted trees and street musicians and singers.  There was a jazz vocal quartet dressed in Dickens clothes singing carols.  It was fun walking around.  Said bye to Chrissy and the rest of us had dinner at Hof's Hut.  Then the hang out at DD's before bed.   
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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Visiting Two Friends and a Family

Today I had lunch at Don Jose's with DD, AD, JK, Mom, Bonnie and Carol.  A fun lunch.  Then said bye to Carol and when to Bonnie's to hang out and see her small Christmas Tree.  At 5p, we said bye to Bonnie and went to my long time friends Dennis and Chrissy's house and their 3 kids Katherine, Liz and Diana.  They even made cookies for us.  Katherine is now in 9th grade.  I knew her and Liz since they were born.  So when they saw me they ran up to me for a big hug.  It was really nice to see them all.  We stayed and talked for a few hours.

We then said by to Dennis and the gang and went back to DD's and hung out.  AD and I went and got Taco Hell for everyone.  Then we all sat, ate and watched TV. 
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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Show and Tell

AD, JK, DD and I want to Claim Jumper for lunch.  Then back to DD's. Mom came by for show and tell.  I showed Mom new music I had composed as well as new pictures I have taken since the last time I saw her.  AD played some of his new music and a DVD of the play he directed recently.  We then ordered pizza and had leftover pumpkin or apple pie.
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Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Decorated Tree Day

AD, JK, DD, Mom and Bonnie and I went to Marcine (my Dad's sister) and her husband Mike's house for the Christmas dinner party. Now I mean a party. Mike's brothers, their wives and kids, and lately the kids boyfriends-girlfriends family. Dinner is always buffet style. We then did the white elephant present game. That was fun. I did not get anything good this time. O well.  It was a good evening with lots of food, drink, desserts and conversation.

Happy Lighted and Decorated Tree Day!!!!!!

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wesołych Świąt

DD, AD, JK and I woke up late.Mom and Bonnie came over around 1p.  We snacked on veggies with dip and crackers with a cheese bar (Last year it was a cheese ball) and sat watching what ever crap was on TV.  

Then dinner was at about 6p. Carol (JK's Mom) came a little later.

We usually had Gołabki (Cabbage Roll-Ups) Nana made but she passed away in a couple months ago Bonnie, who helped Nana make them, understandably could not make them this year.  Maybe next year.  So we had perogies instead.  We also had turkey, ham, mashed potatoes with gravy, stuffing, sweet potatoes, veggies and rolls.

During December Mom picks names out of a hat pretending to be one of the family. For example, she says that she is Adam, she picks a name and the name she picks Adam had to get a that person a present. This year I had AD. I, with the help of Jennifer, got AD a nice professionally looking scarf. He really liked it.  Mom had me. She got me a nice long sleeve shirt and sleep bottoms (my other sleep bottom was wearing out so it was perfect). 

Then dessert.  There was pumpkin pie, booze cake, apple pie and a box of pralines I got from New Orleans.

Wesołych Świąt (Merry Christmas)!

wreath.gif   snowflake.gif

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

AD and JK are Here.

I went to lunch at Souplantation with DD, Mom and Bonnie.  DD and I then went to a school playground to play basketball.  Man we suck, but it was fun.  AD and JK flew in around 5p and joined DD and I at Hof's Hut for dinner.  We grabbed some last minute Christmas dinner items and back to DD where we hung out and watched a movie AD brought.
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Down to See Friends

I rented a car so I could drive down to San Diego to see a couple of my friends.  I 1st went to go see Kimberly and her new baby.  Cute little guy.  I met Kimberly 13 years ago.  We dated for a couple of years and eventually realized that we do not work in a romantic relationship but we make great friends.  So now we are best friends.   We hung out, showed her some pictures and played her some music I have composed recently and talked for until about 5p when I went to go see my other friend Giobbe for dinner.  I have known Giobbe since 1st grade and have remained good friends since.  We had dinner at a Thai restaurant which was pretty good.  When back to his house to talk until about 8p.  Then back to Kimberly's to hang out until Midnight.  A great day with my long time friends.
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Monday, December 21, 2009

Heading to SoCal

After spending a great weekend with Jennifer relaxing, making Indian food and banana peanut butter chocolate muffins it was time to get up this morning, pack my stuff back up and head for the airport.  I had Thai buffet lunch with her before I dropped her off at work and i drove to the airport.  I still hate flying.  Continental is still better than most airlines, I still hate flying.  I purposly made sure I got the aisle seat but when I got to the gate, the checker handed me another thicket with another seat which ended up to be a middle seat.  I hate the middle seat. 

So after a little over a 3 hour flight I was is SoCal.  DD picked me up and we ate at Friscos.  I had a really good pizza.  Then walked next door and got a couple of Crispy Cream donuts since they are no more left out in Houston.  Then to bed.
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Friday, December 4, 2009

Snow in Houston

Today I went up to see Jennifer and there is snow in Houston. I was smiling all evening.

Snow in Houston Article


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